KloudTrader Narwhal

Narwhal is an end to end
for deploying algorithmic trading strategies.

What does Narwhal put on the table?

Robust Infrastructure for algorithmic trading at the ease of your click

robust infrastructure for algorithmic trading

Trigger alerts for both sms and email

trading alerts sms and email

Commission Free Flat-Rate Equity Trading

commission free trading flat rate brokerage

Algorithmic Trading with Virtual Money upto $1million (COMING SOON)

paper trading virtual trading

Real-Time Live Datafeed from various exchanges

Real time market quotes, data feed

Run Excel Workbooks as Trading algorithms (COMING SOON)

excel trading on web

Multi Crypto-Currency Trading

crypto algrithmic trading

Multiple Language support like R, Julia, Golang (COMING SOON)

*Only python3 supported right now

multiple language algorithmic trading
trading rocket

Narwhal provides you with the essential parts, the fuel and the launch station, so that
you can build your algorithmic trading rockets;
explore the markets
always have the edge.

It is pretty easy to get started with Narwhal

All you need is a terminal and an internet connection.


narwhal pricing

Analyst Plan

$30/ mo

  • 1 vCPU
  • 2 GB Memory, 50GB SSD
  • Live data feed

* Brokerage fees not included in free trial

Manager Plan

$50 / mo

  • 2 vCPU
  • 4 GB Memory, 80GB SSD
  • Live data feed

Professional Plan

$64.99 / mo

  • Optimized runtime with dedicated hyper-threads from best in class Intel CPUs
  • Live data feed

Institutional Plan

Contact us for quote

  • Priority support and compliance features


Brokerage Name Commission Free Flat rate Price per month Assets supported
Tradier Brokerage Inc. $10 U.S. Equities